Sydney is truly one of the most exciting and vibrant cities in the world. It offers visitors a very wide range of activities to enjoy and experience. Whether it is sailing on the harbour on a warm and sunny day, or enjoying one of our world famous fireworks display during the New Year celebration, climbing the Harbour Bridge, an evening at our famous Opera House, sampling the delightful variety of international cuisine offered by the innumerable choice of restaurants and cafes that Sydney is renowned for, or enjoying the vibrant and exciting nightlife, Sydney truly offers endless possibilities for you!

On this page you will find links to some very interesting websites that will further inform you on various popular tourist attractions and leisure activities around the local area. The visitor information resources can tell you more about theatres, restaurants, bars and clubs, cultural and sporting events, shopping and more.

You will also find some very useful Australian and Sydney travel related links such as airlines, train, bus and ferry services. You can check timetables, fares and even make reservations directly through their websites!

Sydney Highlights and Hot Spots
Harbour Bridge Climb
Enjoy the thrill of climbing one of the most famous landmarks of the world! Your reward is to enjoy the most magnificent 360?views all around Sydney from the top of this amazing structure. For more info click here.
Sydney Opera House
As you already know it's the most famous Opera House in the world, and right on the edge of the most beautiful harbour in the world. For more information click here
Koala Park
You can actually touch the koalas here! Also many other uniquely Australian animals such as kangaroos and wombats etc that you can really get to interact with. For more information click here
Best Surfing Beaches
The best surfing beaches in Sydney are on its Northern beaches. This site takes you there, and includes lots of pictures of the best surfing spots to take your board to and lot's more surfing tips. For more information click here
Being so closely linked to the sea and harbour sailing is a very popular activity in Sydney. Whether you are already a sailor or would like to learn to sail, there is no better place to enjoy this sport than in Sydney. For more information click here
New South Wales Tourism Board
The official NSW Government tourism website with comprehensive tourism information covering Sydney and all of New South Wales. For more information click here
Sydney Things To Do & See
Lots of information about what to do and see in and around Sydney. For more information click here
Australian and Sydney Travel information sites
Quantas Airlines
Australia's main international airline also with the widest network of domestic flights within Australia.
For more information click here.
Sydney Buses & Ferries
Comprehensive information about getting around Sydney by using its bus and ferry services. For information click here.
State Rail Authority of NSW
Information on using the very good suburban rail network to travel within Sydney as well as long distance services to country areas and other cities.
For more information click here.
McCafferty Express Coaches
A very comfortable and inexpensive way of traveling around Australia using their wide network.
For more information click here.